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by Merja Willock on March 25, 2014

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I Have Moved | Glowing Balance

I shared this with my newsletter list about month ago and now it has become a time to say goodbyes also here as tomorrow is my birthday, a new beginning for the next year for me:

My word for the year is RELEASE. We always have to let go to make space for new. Growing, learning, staying true to ourselves, and keeping our energy flowing without staying stuck or too attached to something, when the time for releasing has come and we have learnt what we meant to learn.

For long I have felt that dragging feeling and stagnation and as I wrote on September:

“However as I have come to the terms that health coaching isn’t really for me this blog has similarly had a life of it’s own and after almost two years of blogging I somehow feel that the circle has closed and I’m back to the beginning with a different twist. I know better what I want to create instead of accepting what I should be doing.”

Still, instead of taking a courageous leap and fully owning my creativity I tried to make everything work here on Glowing Balance, constantly tweaking the site but still often feeling almost apologetic when sharing more of the artistic work/cards/calendars that I have been creating or writing more about experiencing life energy through creativity. When not really being aligned with my intuition have caused feelings of being unsupported because of the restriction of the energy flow. That nagging feeling that something was a bit off never left me and I continued to make excuses.

Writing about well being and self-development has been a great learning experience and it has given me a space to grow and experiment but it never really nourished my soul. Somehow I moved further away from joy and experiencing everyday beauty, ending up eating when I felt bored and suppressing my feelings with food and alcohol while at the same time trying to solve every single problem by eating healthier. It’s true that I have been able to get rid of all of the prescription medications but emotionally my body is still suffering from trying to make excuses of not full heartedly tapping into my creative intuition or give myself permission to feel joy. Even though eco friendly and toxin free living and eating organic food continue to stay as my building blocks for my well being it’s now time to let go, release, open up a new page and feed my soul with things I love to do to really help it to heal.

I will completely move over to merjawillock.com where there will be more white space, photographs, and poetry. Some things will stay the same, others will change as I continue to experiment. I would love to invite you all to continue the journey with me and wish to see you on the other side.

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I originally “met” Eithne in a beautiful online community where women share their stories, struggle, hopes and fears and offer compassion, kindness and support. First, Eithne’s gorgeous photographs caught my eye and after reading her blog and taking one of her e-courses I got a sense that we have so many things in common even though we are in different places in our lives. That however sparked an idea of collaborating somehow and I’m so excited to share that a beautiful e-course is on it’s way. If you want to learn more about that, we are going to reveal the details during the next couple of weeks and when that time comes you are able to get more information from our websites merjawillock.com and trueessencecoaching.net

Eithne’s Bio:

Eithne Egan is a life coach and postpartum doula and she is dedicated to supporting women and mothers, wherever they are on their journeys. She believes that women need to be nurtured and teaches them how to take care of themselves so that they can be happier and more successful in parenting, work, and relationships.

She teaches women how to practice self-care and nurture their creativity, and believes in dismantling the myths about perfection and ‘good mothering’. She offers coaching, e-courses, Reiki and flower essence therapy to support women in their path to healing.

Website | Facebook

Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Eithne Egan

(Pictures courtesy of Eithne Egan)

What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important to you in being creative?

Creativity for me is about being open. Open to ideas, experiences, and especially to being flexible and resilient when things don’t go as planned. It’s also about self-care. If I’m not taking care of myself, I can’t create. In the same way, if I don’t tap into my creative energy, I’m not honoring my own need for self-care.

Which artist, writer, musician or other talented person has inspired you the most and why?

My favorite writer of all time is Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve read all of her books (currently reading The Signature of All Things), and loved her long before Eat, Pray, Love went global. I love her perspective because I think she champions the idea of self-care and creativity in women, and she is introspective without being egotistical. I’m a wannabe writer (one day!), so I guess I love her dedication to her art, too.

What are your creative outlets and talents that you nourish on a regular basis?

I’m still working on making enough time to create. For me, though, the first step is making space. I can’t create if I can’t breathe because I’m overwhelmed or overworked. So first I take a step back. I have to have order around me to feel creative, too. Meaning my house has be tidy!

One of my favorite ways to be creative is to make flower essence blends to support women with their healing. It gets me out of my own head and I find it really calming. There’s joy in helping other people. By nurturing others, I feel cared for. I also love to take photographs. I’m a novice photographer, but I am lucky to have many beautiful places in my local area. Taking pictures helps me to appreciate the beauty in my life. That appreciation helps me to feel more creative.

Tell me a short story about a piece of music, painting, book, or some other artistic creation that has touched you very deeply?

When my son was born, (he’s eleven now), I was lucky enough to read Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott. The book is hilarious, but it’s also a deeply honest account of how difficult new motherhood can be. The writer’s story mirrored my own as a single mother. It made me feel so much less alone, since I had no real-life examples of new moms who were on their own. I’ve since made it my mission in my work with new mothers to give them permission to be honest about how hard the first year of motherhood can be.

Do you desire to do something that you haven’t yet had courage or resources to make into reality? How do you see this coming to fruition?

So many things! I have great plans for e-courses and healing offerings this year. I’ve had many years where my life as a mother had to take priority, but this year I can feel things opening up for me. I’m not a planner though, but I know that if I believe in my dreams, I can make them happen. I trust that it will unfold as it should, as long as I show up.

Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you tap into your creative flow?

Music, a bunch of flowers in a vase on my desk, some fresh air… anything that will clear my mind and help me to relax. I know that I can’t create if I am rushing or overwhelmed by other things. But sometimes deadlines help!

What has been the most important tool/action that has helped you to overcome self-defeating thoughts, and/or feelings that you are not good enough?

Everyone has these thoughts. Acknowledging that we all do is the first step. Also, negative thoughts are almost always false. I’ve learned that if my thoughts make me feel like shit, or they’re causing paralysis, then they aren’t worth listening to. Those are just the lies we tell ourselves. I replace them with positive ones. We can create our own truths about ourselves. Choose the ones that build you up.

How do you create inner balance in your life, and make sure to listen to your intuition?

Balance is something we are always moving in and out of, it’s not a place we arrive at. It isn’t possible to be continually in balance, but it is possible to try to create a flow of energy that is equally based on giving and receiving. If you’re giving too much, you’ll be out of balance. I’ve learned this the hard way so many times. If I’m giving nothing to myself, I can feel resentment, restriction and negative thinking start to creep in. Those are my cues to nurture myself and tune in to my inner voice. I always know what I need; I just need to be willing to listen.

What is your non-negotiable daily self-care action?

It’s really important to me to get enough sleep. As a parent, that isn’t always possible, but I am diligent about going to bed on time. I’ve also recently started to give myself Reiki every day. It’s helped me become more in tune with my feelings and energy levels.

More important to me though, is the practice of self-kindness. That means not beating up on myself, not neglecting myself, and listening to my intuition. I can’t control so much of what happens in life, but these are things that I have power over. It’s my way of honoring my own needs, no matter how crazy life gets.

What brings joy into your life, and what do you appreciate today?

My son brings me so much joy. We have our challenges, but every day I make a conscious choice to appreciate him and the love we share. I know that he does this for me, without even thinking about it. I have so much gratitude for some of the opportunities and advantages I’ve been given. I believe that gratitude is the path to joy. If we don’t appreciate what we’ve got, even on the worst days, we can’t invite anything good into our lives. It’s the best way to keep the energy flowing.

How would you encourage other people on their journey to creativity and self-acceptance? How would you advise them to move forward?

Everyone is a creative being. Creativity isn’t about being artistic. You can be, though, if that’s your calling. But being creative can mean that you are creating beautiful things in your life, and in the lives of those you love.

If you’re present in your life, your relationships, your work, and you honor your need for joy, that is creativity. Don’t give yourself less than you would someone you love. You’re your own best friend.

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Lucie D'Alessandro

Lucie D’Alessandro from Delvespot is a soul sister in combining well-being with art and creativity, beautiful story teller, writer and a true wellness warrior. Her words and journey will touch your heart and soul, inspiring and encouraging you to really live heart centered life full of health, creative expression and happiness through vulnerability, courage and confidence.

Lucie’s Bio:

Lucie D’Alessandro is a writer and creative catalyst, helping people bring their ideas alive to start doing work they love. She dares to live deeply.

Website | Facebook

Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Lucie D'Alessandro

(Pictures courtesy of Lucie D’Alessandro)

What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important to you in being creative?

Divine expression of myself. Expansiveness. Center. I’ve spent many years hiding myself and my gifts – stuck in a nine-to-fiver, scared to unveil work from my heart and hands because of self doubt – so now to be able to dive within and pull from there to create is the ultimate in being me. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

Which artist, writer, musician or other talented person has inspired you the most and why?

My former husband who’s a musician (in fact, we met when he was on tour in Germany). I never understood his devotion – what I used to see as obsession – to music, constantly honing his skills as a drummer, doing whatever it took to play a gig, at some times playing 3-4 times a week, driving hours either way, while working full time. Literally living, breathing and sleeping music. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to start to step into my calling that I got even an inkling of what he was driven by. Now, many years later, I realize he was listening to his calling. Being in service to it. Honoring it. And that’s a really beautiful, admirable, brave way of being that few of us allow ourselves to experience (but for him, there’s no other way).

What are your creative outlets and talents that you nourish on a regular basis?

Writing and sharing my stories. Stream of consciousness writing (for my eyes only, thankfully for all of us). Cooking with my organic goodies from the farmers’ market, recipe-less.

Tell me a short story about a piece of music, painting, book, or some other artistic creation that has touched you very deeply?

I’m the youngest of 4 kids by many years. When I was about 11, my 21 year-old brother visited from Australia (or London, can’t remember) with his then-girlfriend, Casper. She had bleach-blonde short hair and was an artist – fascinated me, as a little netball-playing bookworm. She gave me one of her prints, black and white, on thick white stock. I loved it instantly without particular reason, and can still see the image of a horse-like being sitting in a throne-like thing. She inscribed it for me, “A dream horse for Lucie”, words that have also stuck with me. I still have the print. It traveled from New Zealand to New York with me, hanging on my lounge room wall there.

Do you desire to do something that you haven’t yet had courage or resources to make into reality? How do you see this coming to fruition?

Oh boy, where do I begin? There are so many projects floating around in my mind and heart, polished and in a nebulous form.

My biggie is creating and facilitating a workshop/retreat – although I don’t know precisely what about. But I see it and feel it (and taste the raw chocolate, which will be abundant). Something to do with daring to live deeply – both doing work you love or fulfilling your passion on the side, and living with intention. Guest teachers that make you swoooooon. Long organic lunches. A big old stunner of a house on the Hudson River, or in Savannah. Community, connection, heart.

How do I see it coming to fruition? Taking small steps. Continuing to date my dream – listening to the answers. Being patient. Reaching out and creating connections with people I feel drawn to. Being open. Which I realize all sounds very go-with-the-flow, and it is – just a note that I’m a recovering perfectionist and control freak, so I work hard at letting go because I have to. (Ha! “I work hard at letting go.” Only a perfectionist would say that!)

Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you tap into your creative flow?

When I’m writing, sometimes the words come to me with urgency, like a puppy waiting to be let out of the gate – all I have to do is open the gate and they gallop out. I don’t necessarily know what the words are, but I feel that they’re there and are ready to be channeled. Other times, often, I feel the call to write but there are no words at the end of my fingertips, so I read, usually articles from writers/blogs I love online. When I read a piece by someone that makes me shake my head in amazement and stare off in the distance, it tops me up. Inspires me. And then I can write, usually effortlessly.

What has been the most important tool/action that has helped you to overcome self-defeating thoughts, and/or feelings that you are not good enough?

Being aware of what I’m thinking (because for a long time I didn’t even register my pretty much consistent self-berating), and being gentle with myself. I’ve spent most of my life being incredibly tough on myself – and others – so one of my mantras is Be gentle.

How do you create inner balance in your life, and make sure to listen to your intuition?

I’m not great at creating balance, to be honest. I get obsessive about things – if I’m writing or have a project I love, I’ll go hard at it, forgetting the rest of the world exists, not getting enough sleep, or even seeing the light of day. One on hand, it’s a beautiful thing to feed my creative urges, on the other hand, really crappy for my self-care and health (which is crucial for me, in reality). I try to make a habit of doing a guided yoga nidra 3-4 times a week, which settles my nervous system, have a home yoga practice, walk almost every day (one of my favorite things to do, ever), eat only organic wholefoods, drink lots of veggie juice, lie on the grass (so grounding… Literally!). These things help maintain an inner balance.

Learning to listen to my intuition has been a work in progress – a new way of being for me in the past few years. I try to slow down and tap into how I feel and go with that – trust it.

What is your non-negotiable daily self-care action?

Eating organic wholefoods. Everything else isn’t quite daily! (Like walks, yoga, naps, listening to my body, etc.)

What brings joy into your life, and what do you appreciate today?

Oh, man, all of it. Really. I appreciate the complexity of life. And then I appreciate the ability to be here with all of it – the delicious and the difficult moments. It’s not easy, but I know my life changed when I actively started to feel into life, to see the yin and yang no matter what was going on. And there’s been a LOT going on the past few years, with a major health issue, giving up life as I knew it to focus on my wellbeing, the breakup of my marriage, starting my own business… And living with my parents as an adult!

How would you encourage other people on their journey to creativity and self-acceptance? How would you advise them to move forward?

Just be you and keep taking small steps. If you’re not sure how, then do what lights you up – that’s being you. And act from love, in all areas of life, to all people including yourself.


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{Moments in Pictures} Details of Life Lately

Some snapshots of life lately.

After starting to wake up with a panicky feeling before I even opened my eyes I decided that I will start my day with meditation instead of doing it before going to sleep when I’m calmer and more peaceful in any case. For about a month, I have now sat on my meditation bench for twenty minutes each morning as soon as I have gotten up, and it has already made a big difference to how I feel.

Flickering flame and smell of beeswax candles.

Bright colors for the winter.

I’m usually reading too many books at a time, and really enjoy Creativity –  The Psychology of  Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Nourishing my Body
Purchasing new body care products from Living Libations. As clean and natural as possible without any toxins, heavenly scents and nourishing powers. All my senses thank me for that everyday luxury.

Eating and Drinking
Berry powders (from Finland) in smoothies: seabuckthorn, rosehip and blueberry. Gingerbread smoothies, a bit of sunshine to the day in the mornings in the form of warm water with lemon, Madre – C (rosehips, camu camu, acerola) turmeric and cayenne.

Being Gentle
After living nine months in Canada I finally made it into a local yoga studio. I have been doing home practice every now and then, but sometimes it is just so much nicer to go to a class and connect with the energy that is present there. I have been going mainly to restorative yoga classes at the moment as I feel that is what my body and mind needs the most + practicing yoga nidra at home in the evenings.

Packaging and Sending
2014 Calendars with guiding intentions (there is only a few left on the store so this is your last chance to purchase one if you were thinking about that!)

Autumn leaves that make way for the winter and gorgeous sunsets and constantly changing sky from our windows.

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2014 Photo Calendar Giveaway Winners

by Merja Willock on November 11, 2013

in Creativity

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2014 Photo Calendar Giveaway Winners | Glowing Balance

First of all thank you everyone who participated to the giveaway and shared the calendar. It was lovely to read about your guiding words and what you have already planned for the next year!

Winners were selected completely at random and the calendars will go to Sam and Theressa. Keep an eye on your email for further details and congratulations!

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Music - Mindful Meditation and Healing for the Soul

I dream of a gracefully aged grand piano in a space where you can hear your steps on the wooden floor and birds chirping outside. Space where the breeze from the open windows whirls around white, soft linen curtains and light plays and makes patterns on the ceilings.

Piano that stores and shares stories and the touch of it’s previous owners, sounds that stay lingering in the collective consciousness after they have made their way into the air as streams of melodies, playful staccatos and majestic chords.

Playing with a touch that is as light as feather, but fierce and constantly changing as currents of air, notes that pour down like raindrops falling on the surface of the water on an airy summer night, breathing life into the spaces between the notes, stillness that makes you hold your breath as the music continues to flow and carve new paths.

I have been listening to my soul in music from the time as I was already surrounded by sounds in my mother’s womb, and both playing and listening are a form of mindful meditation to me.

When I play the only option is to be present and share your feelings, otherwise you can’t touch other people because your playing becomes soulless and mechanical. Every note is equally important, how you touch the keys and are open to the feelings to flow through your fingers into the moment, infusing together your own soul and interpretation with the music.

I often think how the life would be if I would have made a conscious choice to become a professional musician, that is not however the question that needs to be asked or answered. There are many paths that need to be explored and it’s not always easy to choose, but no matter what, I always meet music in the crossroads of life changing moments, everyday life and joyful times.

Music makes my soul breathe easily, helps me when I’m lonely and fills me with healing light. When I’m able to touch others with that light I have succeeded.

In my minds eye I can already see my older self with long silvery white hair and delicate fingers that have felt the life, playing in that space which becomes the light.

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Post image for 2014 Photo Calendar for Guiding Intentions + Giveaway

For the last week I have been having so much fun putting together a 2014 photo calendar with a space for guiding word for each month and I’m excited to announce that it’s now available on The Invigorated Store. I’m also going to open up the comments for a fun giveaway for this post.

2014 Photo Calendar for Guiding Intentions + Giveaway | Glowing Balance

The calendar features my photographs of everyday beauty from Finland, London, Rome, L.A., and Toronto. It has 12 non-bound 105mm x 148mm calendar pages and a cover page. (More details about the materials on the store page.)  Cover page is pictured on the left side in the picture above and template for each month on the right.

How to use

Setting a guiding word for the upcoming year is a powerful way to open up for receiving guidance, waking up your intuition and senses and noticing all the possibilities and beauty that surround you every single day. You can write down how you want to feel, maybe it’s abundant, creative, spontaneous, jovial and let that feeling guide your month or just simply jot down what you want to do more in your life: connect, dance, journal, read, go to concerts, whatever you want to concentrate on.

Attach the calendar pages on your journal and let them guide your writing throughout the month, have them framed on your work desk, use as a bookmark, use the back side to journal more about your monthly intentions and reflect the months in the end of your year, gift to your friend and family, send one month as a postcard, there are so many possibilities how to use the pages. Every calendar will be wrapped with handwritten note and love and is ready to be gifted as it is.

2014 Photo Calendar for Guiding Intentions + Giveaway | Glowing Balance

(Pictures of each month)


I will gift two calendars and the giveaway is open until SUNDAY 10th of NOVEMBER, 9pm EST.

You can take part by simply sharing the calendar from the store to Facebook, Twitter or by pinning it on Pinterest + tagging me @merjawillock and then leaving a comment to this post.

I would also love to hear if you have had a word for the year/every month, have you already come up with your word for 2014 and how it has been working for you.

Good luck! I will announce the winners on Monday, 11th of November.

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays

Carolan Deacon, a professional vocalist and warm, kind and compassionate holistic health expert is a truly kindred spirit as we both share the experiences and passion of healing with music and living our lives with ease, inner radiance and true joy. Whenever I’m in need of cheering up I love to listen to Carolan’s song Intend [watch the video to enjoy her bright and beautiful voice!] which is also my alarm sound for the mornings when I need a gentle wake up call. Carolan also shares more about healing with music in this guest post on Glowing Balance.

Carolan in her own words:

I know what it feels like to live life feeling like you are half-asleep and not even realizing it, feeling like there is something else out there but feeling very unsure of what it is and how to go about it.

Do you know how this feels?

I also know what it feels like to live in the chains of anxiety and fear, that can keep you feeling joy and living vibrantly. The pure and simple reason I do what I do is because I have experienced first hand the HUGE power of music, healing arts, coaching and community in helping to gain clarity, ease fear, feel true joy and live your best life.

I am a Healing Songstress and Illuminator of Beauty and Truth. I am also the grateful founder of Ease & Grace Circle and Life in Color Concerts. I’ve been fortunate to have my music, concerts and healing arts programs enjoyed around the world and I am a fiercely loyal guide to your ease.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Carolan Deacon

(Picture courtesy of Carolan Deacon)

What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important to you in being creative?

Great question! To me my creativity (in it’s best light) is God working through me. My best work happens when I align my passions, my gifts and my life struggles in a way that serves profoundly. That is why I create the music I do.

Which artist, writer, musician or other talented person has inspired you the most and why?

Oh wow…there are so many. Barbara Kingsolver for her compassion for a chaotic world…Barbara Streisand and Tina Turner for being female powerhouses both vocally and as artists- they all maintain a strong truth and it ripples. I used to sing them all the time growing up and bits and pieces found their way in to what I do. Tina Malia is another artist I adore for her inspirational story-telling in song.

What are your creative outlets and talents that you nourish on a regular basis?

Music, cooking, writing- all on a daily basis (for the most part J)

Tell me a short story about a piece of music, painting, book, or some other artistic creation that has touched you very deeply?

The song “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell- the raw emotion in her voice reaches out and lays me on the floor every time I hear it. It was that song that brought my awareness to a new level around the power of song to heal and inspire and the power of song to affect the way we think.

Do you desire to do something that you haven’t yet had courage or resources to make into reality? How do you see this coming to fruition?

I am working on a new album and I would love to complete it by 2/14.

Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you tap into your creative flow?

I get inspired everyday by the tiniest of things. God is in the details you know… I step into the vortex of creative flow by practicing presence and minding my thoughts.

What has been the most important tool/action that has helped you to overcome self-defeating thoughts, and/or feelings that you are not good enough?

Music- hands down…music.

How do you create inner balance in your life, and make sure to listen to your intuition?

My intuition is my connection to God and is the control panel for all my actions.

What is your non-negotiable daily self-care action?

Evening time with my book and herbal wrap and daily exercise.

What brings joy into your life, and what do you appreciate today?

For me, Joy has become a state of mind and a commitment to seeing the positive. Pollyanna’esque as that may sound, it is true. I appreciate that I can feel that because for most of my adult life I lived in the chains of fear and anxiety.

How would you encourage other people on their journey to creativity and self-acceptance? How would you advise them to move forward?

Very simple: Follow your bliss- it is your inner compass every time.

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Post image for Are You Caught in the Constant Need of Self-Improvement?

Are You Caught in the Constant Need of Self-Improvement? | Glowing Balance

Nowadays it is so easy to get caught up in the constant need of self-improvement as we are surrounded by so many different resources from all the possible places. Books, lectures, podcasts, blog posts, documents, e-courses, tweets, you name it. On the other hand it is great that we can access all those things but what happens if that becomes a distraction to not be present in your own life because it is too painful, or an obsession, one new measurement that makes you feel that you are not going to be good enough if you haven’t crossed it off your current daily self-improvement tasks list.

It is difficult to navigate in the midsts of over the top promises if you don’t maintain critical thinking, as the web space is flooded with new material that you feel you have to access if you want improve whatever is the thing that makes you feel insecure and not good enough.

There are many gems but how to find what is really useful for you?

Ever since I read Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance this year there’s one passage that really got me thinking as during moments of anxiety I often caught myself dwelling in my fearful thinking patterns:

What if things are not getting better, no matter what I try to do, have I still failed?

In one of his books, Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit priest, talks about an experience of Radical Acceptance that changed his life. He writes that he had been neurotic for years, “anxious and depressed and selfish.” Like so many of us, he adopted one self-improvement project after another, and when nothing seemed to work, he was on the verge of despair. Part of what was so painful was that even his friends agreed that he needed to change and urged him to become less self-absorbed.
His world stopped one day when a friend told him, “Don’t change. Don’t change…I love you as you are.” Paradoxically, it was only then when he received permission not to, that he felt free to change. Father De Mello says he relaxed and opened to a feeling of aliveness that had been blocked off for years.

Lately I have felt really irritated by not having enough mental space, of course I have enabled that, as the fear of missing out, often caused by social media leads easily into information overload and it’s difficult to tap back into feeling joy and enoughness in the life that goes on outside the computer and notice beauty and feelings of being in this present moment with all your physical senses.

I recognize that I have a tendency to often move in the direction of consuming information rather than creating anything, partly because of my own self-defeating thoughts and fears that I’m not going to be good, worthy or creative enough, or figure things out by myself before I have taken those courses or read that latest fabulous e-book, that are always of course marketed the way that you feel that you will lose something great if you don’t grab that opportunity as soon as possible.

Are you constantly searching for something new, something more?

Often it can be easy to end up realizing that you have purchased several different things from books to e-courses without really paying too much attention or time to any of them or critically questioning, and exploring what elements of them you can actually implement to your own life, as you are already thinking that the next one will definitely have the answers that you were still looking for.

I’m not saying that there’s something wrong about self-improvement and trying out life enhancing habits as learning, questioning and reflecting have always been something I love to do, but in my own case I have lately felt that the more I plug in and absorb other people’s voices without questioning, the more I lose my own. Some days I’m just lost into the vortex of constant information consuming and reacting, noticing how I start to lose the sense of what I really need and is actually good for ME.

If I approach the issues from the perspective that I need to change in order to be worthier I have totally missed the point, bringing loving awareness into the present moment and what is by practicing all these healing modalities.

How to move back to more conscious information consumption?

In my own life I have decided that instead of taking any more e-courses for a while and mindlessly consuming newsletters and articles that easily leaves us all into the habit on constantly scrolling and searching for new information and shortens our attention span, I will get back to the habit of reading more inspiring books and biographies, writing and creating daily. Instead of just being reactive I will get step into more proactive role in my own life, learning through experimenting instead of just consuming more information, searching the joy, acceptance and peaceful presence also during the hard times.

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What it Really Means When Someone Critiques Your Creativity

It’s always scary and unnerving to release creations into the world that have been born from our own inner fire, struggles or from the way how we see and sense the surrounding world. For us creatives it takes lot of courage to stay true to our values and not get into the mode of trying to please the masses. Many of us creative types tend to also be extremely sensitive spirits which on the other hand gives us the power to sense everything so deeply and through that express our feelings, reflections and opinions easily through different creative channels, but which at the same time exposes our vulnerabilities to other people’s critique and comments as we tend to react so easily to what everyone else thinks and says.

In the worst case, unintended critique or insensitive comments can sadly mean that the most sensible of us stop pursuing their creative passions out of the fear of not being understood or good enough.

Please don’t ever stop doing what you are called to do based on anyone else’s opinions. How creating and expressing yourself through different creative medias and channels makes you feel is the most important thing that matters, and honoring the fact that all of us have our opinions that don’t have anything to do with what we actually do but are based on our own values and reflections will make a big difference.

Most of all, it is actually liberating to realize that you can do whatever you want, in any case there’s always going to be people who are attracted to what you offer and some people who just don’t get that and judge you.

“You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing.”
– Richard P. Feynman

There will be also people whose lives you are going to touch and help to think on a new way by doing your thing while giving the opportunity and possibilities for creativity to flow through you instead of thinking yourself as a creator. There will always be people who believe in you, who appreciate your work and uniqueness and support you whole heartedly. There will also be negative and harsh comments and insensitive critique that in the first place put you down if you are attached to the thought that critique of your work equals the worthiness of you but you are not your work or what you do.

When you realize that, there will be more courage to continue with what feels right for you and what is really aligned with your values. When someone who is on a different wavelength shares their opinions that are based on their own values, experiences, feelings and reflections it doesn’t actually have anything to do with your work or who you are.

What is true for you matters the most.

Not all of that doesn’t need to be shared though. Even though I love going to dance classes I do it for me, not for other people. I always lost the natural flow whenever the class ended up with some free-styling in the circle, it just isn’t for me and always feels forced, I just don’t enjoy being that person who is being watched.

Some creative outlets just start with healing my own soul first and some pour out of the urge to share inspiration and beauty with others.

Keep creating either for your own sake or release your work to the world, there is always someone who will appreciate and be inspired by that.

“When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”
– Pablo Picasso

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