21 Day Positivity Challenge – Week Three: Re-Cap and Resources

by Merja Willock on January 31, 2012

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As the last day of January and after 21 days of positivity challenge (which came to and end on Sunday), it is a good time to re-evaluate these three weeks and thoughts and feelings that they had on me. My tendency has always been more towards negative thoughts and my mood can change really rapidly from joyous to anxious. However, these tools that I have use during these three weeks have helped me to cope better and recognize more easily how, when and why those negative patterns are born.

21 Day Positivity Challenge - Week Three: Re-Cap and Resources

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The most helpful thing for me has clearly been to separate fact and fiction. Are there really facts that support your negative thoughts, do they have any truth behind them or are those merely products of your imagination. If nothing supports those thoughts what is the real reason behind them. Re-framing those stubborn patterns is going to be an ongoing process with what I’m continuously going to work. This challenge has only been a kick-start for a lifelong learning process.

What I also noticed is that when I had time to do my morning routine, I generally had more positive feeling throughout the day. This included getting up at 6 am, writing, guided meditations and some form of exercise without any hurry.

Below I have listed some guided meditations, visualizations, blog posts + websites that have been helpful for me. I would love to see your recommendations too in the comment box so that this post could work as a positivity resource to come back to.


Louise Hay’s Self-esteem Affirmations:

Shazzie’s Love Yourself, Love Your Body guided visualization

Shazzie’s Sleep Easily Meditation

Gabrielle Bernstein’s lectures and meditations


Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project

Dr. John F. Demartini
Count Your Blessings

Dr. Darlene Minini
The Emotional Toolkit

Blog posts and articles

Think Yourself Positive
Dr. David Hamilton’s article about neuroplasticity, changing our habits so that positive attitude becomes a habit and how writing gratitude lists helps with that.

Optimists Unite!
Try this exercise where you list down negative things in your life, then come up with their positive sides and how they affect your life in a good way.

From Tiny Buddha:
7 Reasons to be Happy even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now

8 Things to Help Create a Positive Mental Attitude

Just Little Things
Blog about daily sources of appreciation

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