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My recipe for glowing balance includes having raw chocolate for breakfast if I so feel, embracing the beauty in the present moment, accepting my fears, struggles and frustrations, reading until my eyes hurt, listening to the music between the notes when everyone else is sleeping, taking time to rest and re-charge when needed, surrounding myself with both white space and vibrant colors, making genuine connections and constantly learning and re-defining my interests.

– What is yours?


Hello and welcome! I’m Merja (pronounced MARE-yah), the voice and face behind Glowing Balance. I’m currently searching my soul and creative spark in Toronto after living three years in London, UK, but my roots lie deeply in Finland, land of the light and airy summer nights, fresh air, stylish and simple design, forests, lakes, winter swimming, Sibelius and healing nature.

Check out this project which has documented the scenery of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, for a year:
Helsinki 365 – A Year In Photos

Creating beauty around me makes me feel excited, alive and present by allowing me to find new solutions, gathering my experiences, filtering them through my senses and turning those moments into unique expression. As a deeply feeling, highly sensitive individual combining creativity and everyday inspiration helps me to deal with my emotions and share my interpretation. I’m constantly finding and learning new ways to simplify my life by creating rituals that don’t leave me exhausted and overwhelmed.

I love: Empty spaces. House dancing, Hip Hop and Dance Movies. The evening sun. Street art. Reading. City lights. Music. Playing the piano. Blueberry banana pancakes. Sneakers. Taking photographs. Woolen socks. Writing and journaling. Small details, colors and textures of the world around me. Old movies. Listening to inspiring interviews. Yellow notebooks. Essential oils. Spending time alone while nourishing my inner introvert, listening my intuition and getting rid of blocked energy.


I have suffered from a cocktail of anxiety, mood-swings, stomach cramps, asthma, allergies, eczema, endometriosis, hair loss and adrenal fatigue (and this is not even the whole list) following many tests and prescriptions. Switching to plant based organic foods as well as giving up gluten, dairy and sugar started my healing process. Most importantly, however, it comes to being able to love yourself, getting rid of negative energy that blocks your circulating energy and finding things that you are passionate about and love to do.

I don’t like to label things too much but I have definitely found deeper understanding and acceptance while learning about my natural personality traits. I’m an ISFP (the artist), HSP + multi-passionate and -talented spirit (Renaissance soul). Constantly learning new things keeps me inspired and energized and I go through different phases of constantly doing one thing at a time, that can include playing the piano for several hours every day, going for ten dance classes in a week or reading the whole day. As an Aries I can definitely be impatient and stubborn and according to my birth date I can also be too relaxed and averse to all forms of excessive complication. For me, simplicity is the keynote.

I studied health, nutrition and mind-body connection at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® from which I graduated as a certified Holistic Health Coach.

I have a Bachelor of Design in textile design + studies in advanced digital image manipulation, fine arts, web-design and music (I have played the piano since I was six years old).


I’m constantly finding new beautiful ways to combine things. Be it through my newsletters, photographs and interviews on the blog, e-programs, visual designing, art cards or writings, my goal is to guide people to question how they want to live, feel and be. How to incorporate self-acceptance, appreciation and creativity as a part of daily nourishing practice and concentrate on conscious consumption on all levels of life.

My passion is for combining the deeply healing power and beauty of music and art, creative inspiration and sensitivity with simple, conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle, toxin-free beauty and nourishing and healing foods.

I create art cards to inspire deeply feeling and mindful individuals to ignite their creative side, nourish their body and mind on deeper level, overcome their self-defeating thoughts and bring color and joy to their daily life.

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