Food Consciousness: Eat and Drink


As a former coffee lover/addict I don’t know why I hadn’t earlier tried roasted dandelion root tea after I stopped drinking coffee regularly, as it is often used as an alternative for coffee. Dandelion is used traditionally in herbal medicine and has numerous health benefits from treating digestive disturbances to fighting cancer cells. As the […]

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For me it is important to have beautiful, yet simple and practical design in daily moments and not only save them for special occasions! Do you have time to sit down and enjoy your herbal tea from a beautiful cup instead of cardboard cup to go, unsure of the quality of the water, when hurrying […]

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Many of us live without a regular connection to nature, surrounded by a perpetual availability of all kinds of foods, which are not in harmony with nature’s seasons. Aside from eating organic, one easy way to bring yourself more in touch with a natural rhythm and your body is, whenever possible, eat more seasonal and […]

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There’s still two days of Glowing Balance’s first birthday month left, which will mean another birthday giveaway. The first one was my free e-program. If you haven’t signed up already for your 16 daily visual affirmations and reflective questions, be sure to check this post! This giveaway is going to be a beautifully designed cookbook: […]

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Juicy Toronto

by Merja Willock on October 11, 2012

in Food Consciousness: Eat and Drink


I would say that having vegetable juices in my diet is one of the things that has probably helped me the most with my health concerns. Because of my digestive issues, juices help me the most easily to alkalize and cleanse my body, providing me a broad spectrum of minerals without causing my body to […]

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m4s0n501 Rawlicious, the other raw food restaurant we visited in Toronto has four different locations in Ontario plus one in New York. We went to Yorkville, 20 Cumberland St., Toronto. I just love these places that are gluten, dairy and sugar free. I always have to be extra careful in avoiding those ingredients, and also […]

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Every time I visit Toronto I can’t wait to visit Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont St., Toronto, and have my favorite Big Bowl salad with sunflower sesame hummus and house dressing. Live Food Bar is Toronto’s first Gourmet Raw and Vegan restaurant, founded in 2002 offering a delicious variety of gluten and sugar free […]

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Today I wanted to start by asking you a couple of questions: What do you eat when you are stressed? Do you use stimulants daily? How often you have cravings and what do you crave? Do you recognize any patterns, and what is the situation or feeling that triggers your cravings? How do you feel […]

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Make mistakes. Otherwise it is impossible to learn. Always look at things with questioning eyes, do not take something as a common truth if you have read it in a book or heard recommendations from someone who you consider to be a guru in a field from which you are searching for answers. Be it […]

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InSpiral, 250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, London – NW1 8QS, is a cozy and inviting spot in the middle of colorful Camden, with nice views over the canal. All their foods are suitable for vegans. They have sugar and gluten free options, delicious vegan cakes, ice creams made from cashew nuts, and a good […]

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