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I have a slight obsession of endlessly researching and trying out different apps to find the most simple and functional ones that help me to keep on track with different things. Today I’m sharing my current faves when it comes to different daily practices: meditation, gratitude, writing and other habits that improve well being and […]

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When it comes to lighting and feeling, there is really nothing that can compare with living light. Think about airy and late summer evenings when it’s not yet totally dark (or nightless night in Finland), you sit outside on your veranda, backyard or balcony listening to the soft and distant sounds of nature, surrounded by […]

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One of the traits of a highly sensitive person is the heightened sense of our physical environment. For we sensitive spirits, it comes naturally to make our surroundings as comfortable and aesthetically appealing as possible. One of the easiest and often overlooked things to make the space feel cozier is to pay attention to lightning […]

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Nature is my healer, my meditation, my space to tap into the free flowing energy without walls and electricity that restrict it’s movement. It grounds me and fills my lungs and heart with calmness and soft words of the knowing that everything is constantly shifting in the movement of flow and seasons. White and golden […]

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This week has been a quiet one here in Glowing Balance because I have been finalizing the details of 16 days of FREE (until the further notice) guidance with reflective questions and empowering affirmations to light up your life. You will start to recognize the connection between food, mood, lifestyle and creativity and step into […]

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// Starting the day with relaxation on a spike mat, listening to guided meditations or visualizations in the soft morning sunshine. I most often listen either Gabrielle Bernstein’s powerful meditations or Louise Hay’s affirmations. After that, it is time to read the passage of the day from Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart. // Squeezing […]

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We have all been in a situation where we see all the warning signs of exhaustion building up, but still find it extremely difficult or even impossible to slow down, thus prolonging recovery and draining our body and mind. I can’t say that even though I am acutely aware of the effect stress has on […]

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Detox and Win a Vitamix

by Merja Willock on August 7, 2012

in Well Being and Lifestyle


I have heard many people say that they have already changed their diet to healthy, organic foods, using non-toxic beauty and cleaning products, exercising, or stopping the use of coffee and alcohol for a period of time believing that it is all that is needed to detoxify. Sure, that is a great start towards a […]

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I have been using soapnuts for a couple of years as a natural laundry detergent. They are cheap, easy to use and environmentally friendly. It can be really difficult to find washing powders that don’t have any added fragrances in them, even though they would portray themselves as eco-friendly brands. Soapnuts have been used by […]

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get a move on

Our bodies are designed to move every day. When we have a lifestyle that does not include prioritizing exercise in our daily lives as it once was, we often sacrifice it in order to have more time to work, sleep, watch TV and so on. Or are we just purely lazy and don’t want to […]

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