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I Have Moved

by Merja Willock on March 25, 2014

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I shared this with my newsletter list about month ago and now it has become a time to say goodbyes also here as tomorrow is my birthday, a new beginning for the next year for me: My word for the year is RELEASE. We always have to let go to make space for new. Growing, […]

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Some snapshots of life lately. Meditating After starting to wake up with a panicky feeling before I even opened my eyes I decided that I will start my day with meditation instead of doing it before going to sleep when I’m calmer and more peaceful in any case. For about a month, I have now […]

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I love the light in the fall when it makes everything look so much more bright and vivid and the contrast between the orange and red leaves in the trees, and grass that is still green is gorgeous. It’s so crisp and fresh when the air is starting to get colder and light and sunsets […]

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It has always been extremely hard for me to ask for help, as I have associated that with not being able to get my shit together by myself, which in my head has too often been equal to complaining and dwelling in negativity as some people have certainly made me feel like that when I […]

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I have been mentally writing this post for ages put somehow I developed a fear of blank pages, of course based on my own perfectionism but also to the fact that I haven’t really known what to say and usually, if I don’t have anything meaningful to share I tend to stay quiet. This year […]

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m4s0n501 Sunday morning | YES | Number | Smell | Fave thing | Sign | Smile

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Touch | Looking down | White | Taste | Something old | Midday | Sacred | Hear

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Taste | Red | Play | Far Away | Home | Stillness | Books | Floral

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Breakfast | Circles | Yellow | Love | Close Up | Diagonals | Skyline | Selfie

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This first half of the year has passed by extremely quickly because of the move and re-adjusting to the new environment. I have often felt guilty if I’m not constantly doing something productive (and anyway, I just spend way too much time on the computer). From time to time I also catch myself being unable […]

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