Dates With Creativity

by Merja Willock on May 10, 2013

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Dates With Creativity

Collected words, posts, prompts, pictures, music, printables and ideas to ignite your inspiration and appreciation.


Ever inspiring Marthe from The Freedom Experiment shares 17 Tips on How to Invite Passion and Inspiration Back Into Your Life

Every time I de-clutter and unplug more creative ideas start to emerge  so I couldn’t agree more with this: Make De-Clutter and Simplify Your Spring Mantras from The Joy Depot

“Creativity comes from within, but inspiration to be creative is provided by events and people surrounding us every day.” Striving for Creativity

Jazz Parkinson’s unique color signatures based on novel’s visual content (via Flowing Data)

Tom Fruin’s stunning city-specific public art projects made from salvaged pieces of plexiglass and steel: Light Show

Dreamland Photography

Listen to the Velvet Underground and Nico – Femme Fatale on Laser Cut Maple Record

Quote of the day from this article: James Rhodes: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’ (Make sure to read the whole article)

The government is cutting music programmes in schools and slashing Arts grants as gleefully as a morbidly American kid in Baskin Robbins. So if only to stick it to the man, isn’t it worth fighting back in some small way? So write your damn book. Learn a Chopin prelude, get all Jackson Pollock with the kids, spend a few hours writing a Haiku. Do it because it counts even without the fanfare, the money, the fame and Heat photo-shoots that all our children now think they’re now entitled to because Harry Styles has done it.

Charles Bukowski, hero of angsty teenagers the world over, instructs us to “find what you love and let it kill you”. Suicide by creativity is something perhaps to aspire to in an age where more people know Katie Price better than the Emperor concerto. [Concert Pianist James Rhodes]

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