Establish a Daily Morning Routine to Energize Your Day

by Merja Willock on April 5, 2012

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Wouldn’t it be nice to always wake up to a sunshine, energized for a beautiful new day, eager to get up, waiting to meet the upcoming day’s challenges? Is it only a dream or can you make that reality? Even if it’s cold and rainy and you would only want to stay under the blankets for the whole day, the mental attitude you have when you open your eyes first thing in the morning often defines the whole day. If you wake up grumpy and full of negative feelings you are most likely going to feel like that for the rest of your day.

Establish a Daily Morning Routine to Energize Your Day

Establishing a daily morning routine is one powerful thing that will definitely raise your mood, nourish and energize you. You are most likely going to have bad mornings every now and then but that’s OK. Try to leave your negative feelings behind you before you open your eyes and be thankful for the new day and all the wonderful possibilities and experiences that it gives you.

I have always been an evening person, staying up when everyone else is sleeping. Working on with my artistic projects, burning candles and listening to music and silence. Everything feels so different and peaceful at night. When I was studying I loved to paint and draw in the evenings and my best inspiration always came then. Many art portfolios came together on the last night before a deadline. Lastly this week I stayed up until the early morning, finishing creating my affirmation cards because I just couldn’t stop during the flow.

When I was suffering from mood-swings I was always hesitant and a little bit afraid to go to sleep because I didn’t have any idea how I would feel the following morning no matter how great a mood I was in before going to sleep. Mornings, uh-oh, not my thing! I was always extremely stressed, in an awful hurry and late no matter what. I gulped my morning coffee down in the bathroom with mascara in my other hand and running to catch the bus to work with something to eat on the other hand. Getting up before 9 am always felt in-humane and regardless of all the decisions I always snoozed so long that I knew that I would have to REALLY get up.

This again comes back to our natural rhythm. I believe that people who are not early birds, regardless how early they go to bed, shouldn’t ever be forced to start their day and perform important tasks when they still need sleep. That will most likely affect both stress levels and quality of the work that needs to be done.

I have mindfully started to experiment with shifting my rhythm and it has been quite successful. I have actually started to love early mornings almost more. I get the same sense of calmness as in the late evenings when I get up when it’s still dark, everybody is still sleeping and I have time to concentrate on my morning routine. It sets structure for the whole upcoming day and gives me time to quietly be with myself. I have experimented with different things but I usually spend time to reflecting and writing my thoughts, lying on my spike mat, listening to positive affirmations, setting goals, meditating and reading before I really start my day (of course including my big mug of water, tea and green juice).

Whenever I sleep in later I feel that the whole day has already gone and start working right away without my morning routine. On those days I definitely feel more stressed.

Do you already have a morning routine and if so what does it look like? If not, what would your ideal morning routine include? You can try different things to find out what you enjoy the most and which things give the best kick-start and most energy to your day. Of course mornings are a great time to add more self-care like dry brushing into your routine. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much calmer and more energized you start to feel after a while. All those things I do can feel overwhelming so you can start with adding only one or two things at a time. Start with things that help you to shift into a positive mindset the most and then gradually add more if you want. The most important thing is that it feels good for you.

I would love to hear what would be the most important thing in your morning routine?

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