Find the Potential in Disaster

by Merja Willock on April 27, 2012

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Find the Potential in Disaster

Even though we like to think that we are going to be perfect and ready someday, that is not reality (and then what would we actually do?). Thinking like that leads to stagnation, and prevents us from coming up with new ideas and innovations. Still, we keep on thinking that when we reach our biggest goals, life is going to be perfect.

That only leads to the end of development.

As human beings, curiosity and coming up with new ideas, constant movement is built into us. Composers try to catch the perfect flow of notes, choreographers find new ways to embody the movements and express the emotions, writers document something that hasn’t already been written.

Often, we refuse to see the potential in disaster, but when we want to produce something new, we have to destroy the other factors that keeps us from moving forward.

In order to make room for the future and new bright ideas, we have to push behind the past and the present.

We see the disaster as an ending point but often it comes in a form of a blessing, letting us to re-evaluate our priorities and start all over again from a scratch.

For someone, it’s starting a new life after a cancer diagnosis, or for another person else it can be as simple as tapping into their creative flow everyday from now on. Regardless of your situation it can serve you as a wonderful opportunity to make everything worthwhile.

There’s always a blessing in a disguise. Often we are just too blind and stubborn to see it.

Please share at what point has your darkest hour become your brightest moment.

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