{love life} love lists, mood boards and living in the present moment

Create love lists to help you to concentrate on living in the beauty of the present moment. Here is one of my visual mood boards:

Love Life

What makes you to {love life} and what your ideal day includes? Love notes from the community:

At the moment, sprouting is making me feel happy! It’s just so satisfying and wonderful to watch them grow. Also, receiving my weekly box of organic veg and figuring out new recipes for them. Hitting the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book. Sharing life with my soulmate. Oh and the Spring air – feeling the warmth on my skin. Thanks for this post Merja – writing this has just made me realise how much I have to be grateful for x

I love my morning walks. I walk early so it’s still quiet, but light enough that the squirrels are running around. I think it’s funny that they think they are hiding from me as I walk by. I am grateful for the beauty of the trees and flowers every day. This is one way I connect to the universal presence.
Nancy Fressola

People around me who make me smile and laugh all the time. My morning espresso with oatmilk. My grandma. Dancing, Singing. Reading a book so good I cannot put it down. Kissing someone nice. Listening to my favorite tracks. Beaches. Looking at the stars. Smiling to a stranger. Being in love (not just with a guy/girl, but with everyone I know & life itself!).

I love my early morning walk with my dog. Spring is beginning to emerge. I love watching the glow of the morning sun as it begins to rise, and hearing the delightful chirping of all the birds who have just arrived from their long winter travels. The first sip of the french roast coffee that my husband makes for me. Talking about the day ahead with my son as he eats his breakfast. Going to my sacred space, lighting some candles and sitting in meditation. Thinking with gratitude about all the blessings in my life!

Fresh flowers, crisp cotton sheets, the first lungful of fresh air as I step outside for my walk each morning, little kids belly-laughing, the smell of coffee brewing. Spring. Fall.

Things that make me happy: walking my best friend, Taco, early in the morning. He likes to mark every trash can and telephone pole along our 4-mile journey. I love to cook for friends and drive my Miata with the top down on a sunny day. Happiness is watching deer meander into my backyard or a Tom turkey strutting around. Watching squirrels chase each other. Oh, and watching the scales go down :-)

I love the crisp morning air of the early fall, and a lovely warm drink. A healthy bit of outdoor activities, followed by a warm roaring fire for the evening would be ideal!