Love Your Introvert Within

by Merja Willock on April 24, 2012

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” To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.”
- Ben Johnson


Love Your Introvert Within

I have always been the quiet one, sometimes accused of being difficult to approach, proud, or even selfish because of how I have looked in the eyes of others. People who are on the same wavelength, or really know me see my happy, sparkly and thoughtful personality.

For as long as I can remember, I have seen my qualities as faults, thinking that I should “overcome my shyness”, as it somehow limits me. Instead of trying to change how I am, I have found out that being an introvert, (which by the way doesn’t need to have anything to do with being shy), I need to concentrate more on what energizes me, and spend time in an environment where I blossom.

Here are two wonderful thought provoking article to recognize and embrace your inner introvert:

Embrace Your Inner Introvert

Nourishing Your Inner Introvert

I don’t have any problem keeping up 3 hours conversations with a like-minded person who I haven’t met before, seeing the same colors and vibrating on the same frequency. Being in a party where I enjoy being, or traveling around. However, after those kinds of situations, I need to spend time alone to recharge my batteries.

Often I have thought that I should be more social, going from place to place, and meeting new people, even thought that drains my energy. Interacting with people with whom I don’t have anything to discuss, pretending to have fun, and keeping up with meaningless conversations is just not worth it.

reading a good book

sharing thoughts and ideas

going to a concert or art gallery

driving through the fields during a light summer night

sitting in a coffee-shop watching other people passing by, how they are dressed, what they might think about, what they worry about, where they are going, and why

noticing small details, providing inspiration for taking a photograph

listening to music, where one perfect sequence opens up another level, touches you for a fraction of time and makes you want to re-listen to it over and over again

Observing, not being in the spotlight is what energizes and inspires me.

There are also moments when being spontaneous gives you the most precious memories and energy.

I remember one early spring day from back when I was in art school. It was possibly one of those first days when you could sit outside without freezing. I don’t remember what the occasion was, but with some of my classmates, right after the classes during the day and midweek we bought some wine, went to sit outside in the park next to the beaches, feeling the warming rays of the sun. Not really wanting to go home, we spent the whole evening together, sharing things that we didn’t know about each other, making connections and embracing the present moment.

What makes it so memorable is that as individuals we were so different and in various places in our lives. During that one evening, even though only for moments, something brought us together in that different softer and golden evening light. Context that was unrelated to studies.

Different surroundings bring out such different qualities in people. What brings the best out of you? When we stay true to ourselves and spend time with doing things that excite and energize us, our inner light starts to glow all around us.

Your social status shouldn’t be measured by the number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers. The quietest of us are often overlooked.

Instead of trying to change yourself because of the social pressure, courageously be who you are, you will thrive in the right environment. Do things that you love and don’t settle for something that your soul doesn’t have a desire to do.

Being an introvert is often seen as a negative rather than a positive. But imagine how would the world look like without many of the artistic creations?

The world’s greatest leaders, talents, artists, musicians and writers are often introverts.

Still waters run deep – Latin Proverb

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Renée Canada April 24, 2012 at 9:24 pm

I love this. Don’t try to be anything you’re not, because there is power in being an introvert too. :) Have you seen this TED video from Susan Cain on the topic?

Merja April 25, 2012 at 11:15 am

Thank you for your comment Renée. I just watched Susan’s talk and loved it! Her book is also on my long list of books to read :)

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