{Moments in Pictures} After the Rain + Organic Gastropub

by Merja Willock on May 1, 2012

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{Moments in Pictures} After the Rain + Organic Gastropub

Of these two years that I have lived in London, this past April has been the rainiest in 100 years. It rained pretty much every day, which made me not want to leave the house. Spending time on comfortable clothes, doing yoga at home (if at all..) instead of going to the studio, and eating pancakes with coconut yoghurt too many times a week, cuddling up under the blankets with books and a glass of organic red wine while watching and listening to the constant flow of raindrops falling on the windows, day and night.

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever and after the rain you can smell the freshness in the air and see everything from a new perspective. Colors seem brighter in a sudden sunlight when its rays reflect off the water. Making you want to constantly stop and take photographs as if you are seeing everything for the first time.

To celebrate, on Sunday evening we had dinner at The Duke of Cambridge. It’s the UK’s first and only certified organic gastropub, which opened in 1998.  The menu is changed twice a day according to what is available, and everything that they sell is organic and in season.

I love the atmosphere, wooden floors, fresh and tasty food and the fact that the pub keeps their environmental impact and food miles super-low. 80% of their fresh produce comes from the Home Counties.

Read more on their website and if you ever visit London this is certainly a great place to visit!

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