{Moments in Pictures} Appreciation Regardless of Irritation

by Merja Willock on July 23, 2012

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Last week went by a little bit differently than I had planned. Instead of relaxing and meditating daily, having long walks in nature, getting up early in the morning to write inspiring blog posts and articles for the future, meeting old friends and enjoying my holiday in Finland, I ended up being extremely cranky and irritated, sleeping very poorly and spending quiet time in the bathroom when I felt exhausted.

Most of my things from my early childhood and school years like journals, books and artworks are still at my parents place in Finland, and I spent most of my days going through them, de-cluttering, recycling and trashing ruthlessly. Even though I have always thought of myself as an organized person, a lover of minimalism lifestyle, it was exhausting to realize how difficult it can be to let go of some old stuff that held so many memories.

I always feel a little bit disoriented and tired after traveling, unable to really concentrate and decided to jot down those things that I appreciated and made me grateful last week:

Morning juices and smoothies in Cocovi bar in Helsinki while chatting with a fellow classmate from IIN.

Getting my favorite raw chocolate from a normal food-store.

Taking photographs in Helsinki.

Playing the grand piano.

Clean and fresh air, smell of the forest.


Hand picked chanterelles for dinner.

Spending time with family, making pancakes over an outdoor fire.

Refreshing morning swim.

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