My top 10 Herbal Teas for Therapeutic Applications

by Merja Willock on March 5, 2012

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Did you know that herbal teas are so much more than just a pleasant drink? They have a wide variety of  therapeutic applications. After I stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago cold turkey I went straight to caffeine free options. I always had a prejudice that tea tastes lame and watery, which of course is the case with traditional teabags. However, real herbal teas are far from that, and a new world opened to me. Instead of gulping down my usual coffee a couple of times a day, and my (at least) half liter weekend morning special, I could now experiment with different tastes every day.

I’ll always love the smell of freshly pressed coffee but unfortunately I have become so caffeine sensitive that I don’t want to deal with sweating, a fast heartbeat, and anxiousness after having even a cup.  Occasionally, however, I might have a cup of organic decaf coffee with steamed ricemilk as a treat.

I have listed ten types of teas that i enjoy on a regular basis:

My top 10 Herbal Teas for Therapeutic Applications

1. Chamomile
Is soothing and relaxing, helps with upset stomach and has anti-inflammatory properties. Everytime I felt like getting a cold as a child I remember drinking chamomile tea with honey many times during the day. It’s one of those teas which doesn’t ever bore me and tastes wonderful when vanilla is added to the infusion.

2. Rooibos & Honeybush
Rooibos is a wonderful source of antioxidants, has cardiovascular benefits, helps with respiratory problems and inhibits brain aging just to name a few benefits. It was actually one of my first favorites after I stopped drinking coffee because it is naturally caffeine free, tastes sweet and has many different flavors. I love rooibos infusion with apple and cinnamon.

Honeybush, which has many similarities with rooibos, is even sweeter and is named after it’s honey smelling flowers.  According to wikipedia ” In some rural districts it used to be common practice to keep a kettle of honeybush tea infusing on the stove ready for drinking while scenting the whole house.”

According to research both rooibos and honeybush prevent DNA damage that is one major source of cancer.

3. Fennel
I really like the flavor of fennel tea and often have it first in the morning. Some of it’s benefits include antispasmodic properties, pain reduction and antimicrobial actions.

4. Licorice Root
I remember when I first tried licorice root I wasn’t sure if I hated or loved the taste. It actually tastes like licorice and is really sweet. It is also a great base for smoothies, and after the first try I genuinely learned to enjoy the taste. Licorice root has anti-inflammatory properties, it heals ulcers and is helpful for your liver by increasing bile flow.

5. Nettle
Is naturally diuretic and helps if you suffer from urinary tract infections or kidney stones. It can also be used for rinsing your hair, thus encouraging hair growth.

6. Chanca Piedra
Is used as a treatment for kidney and gallbladder stones. It increases bile production which aids your digestion. One of my staples since my gallbladder has been removed.

7. Anti- Stress Infusion
An infusion that I have almost every evening before going to bed, and guarantees a restful sleep. This mixture comes from Forsman Tea from Finland. It is a mix of hibiscus, lemongrass, flowers of heather and camelia and pineapple bits with strawberry and whitethorn oil.

8. Yogi teas
I especially love yogi’s detox and bedtime teas. The company produces a huge variety of different flavors and there’s an ayurvedic info on the package. Yogi tea brand was founded in 1969 with the intention of connecting the mind, body and spirit. It’s easy to have a couple of those teabags with you at all times as an alternative to coffee shop offerings.

9. Pau D’arco
I find Pau D’arcos tastes a little bit harsh, and I can’t say that I really love that, but because of it’s anti candida and anti parasitic properties it’s one of my staples that I drink on regular basis.

10. Golden Rod
Every now and then I like to consume Vogel’s Golden Rod Tea for a couple of weeks to help flush and cleanse  my system and kidneys. It is a mixture of golden rod, birch leaves, knotgrass, horsetail and wild pansy.

Do you enjoy herbal teas, what’s your favorite?

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