Shift Your Perception – What Do You Really Own?

by Merja Willock on May 31, 2012

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If you are asked this simple question you probably start to think of all the material possessions that you have amassed thus far.

Instead, what if you take a moment and reflect inwards for a while before the weekend, and think about what you really own, what kind of shift would that make in your perception?

Shift Your Perception - What Do You Really Own?

I own…

the right to be my authentic self

the right to accept that there’s no hurry, and that I’m right where I need to be at this given moment

the appreciation for music and art

the ability to choose how I use my words – do I use them to hurt or encourage others

the ability to pursue all of my dreams

the ability to choose how I create this day

the courage to learn from my mistakes, releasing the need to be perfect

the courage to believe in myself

the information to nourish myself with healthiest food available

the choice to laugh more and worry less

the choice of how I interact with other people

the strength to let go of negative and unsupportive people

the power to either complain or be thankful

my thoughts

this moment I’m living in

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