Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Jocelyn Brown

by Merja Willock on June 10, 2012

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays

Jocelyn Brown is a holistic wellness coach and a talented spirit who makes beautiful jewelry. Go on and visit her Etsy shop Cormorant Studios and coaching page (I love that name). She can also give you lots of information about essential oils and is coming up with new and fun ideas for future programs where creativity is combined with wellness.

Jocelyn in her own words

I’m so happy to be a part of this series! I am a holistic wellness coach, native Texan (that’s important around these parts), and creative soul. I still remember the first time a friend introduced me as an artist… I was shocked that someone actually would describe me that way. But it felt so good and confirmed that creativity has a prime spot in my life. Years ago I had been working at a series of jobs that were utterly soul crushing and my body was sick, painful, tired all the time…

Creativity provided me some respite from feeling sick, and I became interested in natural and alternative medicine as well. I began to heal myself, enrolled in a health coach training program, and have started working with clients to help them look, feel, and live vibrantly, the way nature intended! My life today is completely different and I love what I do and I feel great! I am still working on combining creativity with my health coaching practice and have some fun ideas for future programs. I can’t wait!

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Jocelyn Brown

(Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Brown)

What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important to you in being creative?

Creativity is possibility. I used to think I wasn’t a creative person but I got interested in making jewelry, took a couple classes, and that was what sent me down the rabbit hole! After that I started painting and taking art classes, something I’ve never done. I found that the more often I played, the more ideas I had – even in my job, which was totally unrelated to art. It helped me see more possibilities, and that is why creativity is so important to me now.

Which artist, writer, musician or other talented person has inspired you the most and why?

There are so many I could list! I read a lot (a lot!) and I also love listening to music, lots of different kinds. I have been a David Bowie fan since I was a young girl and I think he is multi-talented and allows his creativity to evolve naturally, his music changes but it always sounds like him, it always has his stamp. I never feel like he is pushing his evolution to fit in with current trends.

What are your creative outlets and talents that you nourish on a regular basis?

Painting, cooking, gardening, writing, brainstorming. I fit most of these into my life every single day. Painting is something that I get into and then drop for a while, but I want to make time for at least 15 minutes a day.

Tell me a short story about a piece of music, painting, book, or some other artistic creation that has touched you very deeply?

Music can bring me to tears, even if it’s not a sad song I am listening to. I have recently started listening to kirtan and it can sometimes bring me to tears. I don’t know why.

Do you desire to do something that you haven’t yet had courage or resources to make into reality? How do you see this coming to fruition?

Yes…. I would like to “live like an artist.” To me this means making art every day, taking art classes, and spending time with other artists. I would also like to teach art and help others heal through art. I have wanted to pursue an art therapy degree for a while but that is quite a large sum of money we are talking about. When/if the time is right for me to do that, I will know. In the meantime, I enjoy making art for myself and sharing it with others.

Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you tap into your creative flow?

Everywhere and anywhere, I keep a journal of all my ideas (even if they seem silly! Or especially if they seem like they are impossible!) and I go back to it again and again. I look at art I love, colors I love, animals and colors in nature… anything can be inspiring, even the mundane. When I’m not feeling creative, I try to remember that it is part of my cycle, and my muse will come back to me in time.

What has been the most important tool/action that has helped you to overcome self-defeating thoughts, and/or feelings that you are not good enough?

Never compare yourselves to others. It took me a long time to actually listen to that one! Also, I learned that for me, art is not about having a perfect finished piece to sell. It is about the process.

How do you create inner balance in your life, and make sure to listen to your intuition?

Writing, being still, lots of time outside soaking up the sun, watching the breeze, playing in my garden. It gets me back in tune with nature, something I think we have strayed from in our modern, busy, technology-filled lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love what technology provides for us and I think we are living in very exciting times. But we are beings of nature, the natural world, in tune with earth, and I feel better (and believe most people feel better) when in tune with natural rhythms. Tuning into nature has helped me develop my intuition and learn to listen to it.

What is your non-negotiable daily self-care action?

Experiencing nature in some way – getting into my garden, sitting outside and reading or simply sitting and gazing around me, laying in my hammock… even on my daily rush hour commute, I choose to see the beautiful trees and the river and roll down the windows to feel the air.

What brings joy into your life, and what do you appreciate today?

Nature and animals, my garden, good food

How would you encourage other people on their journey to creativity and self-acceptance? How would you advise them to move forward?

Turn off the inner critic, the ‘itty bitty shitty committee’ in your head, that says you can’t do something, or you’re not good enough, or other defeating thoughts. It’s like a muscle that gets stronger with working out – the more often you can turn off and tune out the defeating thoughts, the easier it gets.

Who are you creating for? Other people? Create instead for yourself. The finished product doesn’t matter. Focus on the process. There are no mistakes.

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