Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Marthe Hagen

by Merja Willock on July 1, 2012

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays

Marthe Hagen is a fellow Scandinavian from Norway. She writes beautiful and soulful posts with practical and inspirational advice related to self-development, emotions, creativity and dreams. Grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and take a look at The Freedom Experiment after reading her interview.

Marthe in her own words

Marthe Hagen (Hello, that’s me!) is a soulful and adventurous writer and imagemaker. I live in Norway and am passionate about writing, reading and exploring the world. I write, inspire, aim high, ask hard questions, crash and burn (I live life much like a phoenix) over at The Freedom Experiment.

A Freedom Experiment is about giving yourself the freedom to be you. It’s about making tough choices, taking control, and following your dreams. I am a collector of dreams and would love it if you want to share your dream in my Dreambank. You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. I’m excited to meet you!

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Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays: Marthe Hagen

(Photos courtesy of Marthe Hagen)

What does creativity mean to you, and why is it important to you in being creative?

To me, creativity means wonderful, juicy chaos. It means letting go of space and time, loosing yourself in creating something out of nothing. Creativity means feeling alive.

It’s very important for me to be creative, mainly because creativity gives me so much joy. It’s the kind of giving that gives back. When I am creative, I have fun!

Which artist, writer, musician or other talented person has inspired you the most and why?

Danielle Laporte is the writer that has influenced me the most. She writes about business, personal development and spirituality in the most profound and inspiring way. Her writing is on fire! Danielle has inspired me both in terms of content and form.

What are your creative outlets and talents that you nourish on a regular basis?

Well, I often call myself a writer and creative. The writer part is easy – I write a lot of all sorts of things. In lack of a better word, I also call myself a creative. That’s because it sums up everything else that I do: I make paper craft, I take a lot of images, I decorate, I’m interested in fashion, I knit, do webdesign and I paint too. Anything creative with a visual aspect – I love it!

Tell me a short story about a piece of music, painting, book, or some other artistic creation that has touched you very deeply?

I’ve been deeply touched by the music of Vienna Teng. I first listened to her albums while in college and her lyrics mean a lot to me as they remind me of a time in my life when I went through a lot of changes.

Do you desire to do something that you haven’t yet had courage or resources to make into reality? How do you see this coming to fruition?

I really want to write a novel. I also want to write e-books. And freelance for magazines. Basically, I want to spread my words and send them out into the world. I haven’t done this yet, maybe due to fear and resistance. I will have to change that now!

Where do you get your inspiration, and how do you tap into your creative flow?

I get a lot of inspiration online, especially from photography and style blogs. I’m also extremely inspired by bookstores – I can not leave one without a new book and a lot of ideas!

I usually find my creative flow best in the morning. Between 7 – 11 am, my mind is clear and I find that I have a lot to give. After lunch, I’m a mess. And then it picks up again around 8 pm. My creative flow is very much time-dependent.

What has been the most important tool/action that has helped you to overcome self-defeating thoughts, and/or feelings that you are not good enough?

Inspiration from following people who have done what I want to do has definitely been important for me. For example, I read Gala Darling’s blog for about a year when it struck me that «if she can do it, so can I». I do struggle with these things, but I’ve learned that you only need to force through. There’s a certain kind of confidence that comes with just doing it.

How do you create inner balance in your life, and make sure to listen to your intuition?

Intuition is very important to me, and I create balance by making sure I get lots of sleep. I also try to write about my feelings and thoughts in a personal journal. This has helped me a lot to gain clarity and to understand myself better. There has been times when I have written «you need to rest, Marthe» to myself. That’s when I know I need to listen to myself and do what it takes to meet my own needs.

What is your non-negotiable daily self-care action?

I apply my favourite perfume. Fragrances and scents are important to me, they set the scene and it makes me feel very lush. I have a lot of different perfumes, and they often remind me of a time or place when I put them on. For example, one of them totally reminds me of my favourite city (NYC).

What brings joy into your life, and what do you appreciate today?

Books, magazines and the people I’m close to. That and large amounts of tea. Today, I appreciate being able to travel the world, my blog readers, my boyfriend and the awesome pot of chai tea I just had, writing in a café and bookstore in Sydney. I’m so blessed to be able to live my life like this.

How would you encourage other people on their journey to creativity and self-acceptance? How would you advise them to move forward?

There’s really only one thing to do – to keep going. A journey to creativity and self-acceptance is a journey you’ll never finish, and it’s important to enjoy it while you’re there. Although journeys like these can often be frustrating and hard (because we want to go from where we are now to where we want to be, often without knowing how), I will encourage you to see the beauty in the place you’re at. There is a certain wonderfulness about not yet loving yourself fully, it’s much like small animal babies trying to stand on their feet for the first time.

Searching to find your passion and creative outlet is also very awesome, it means you’re open to new experiences, inputs and inspirations. You’re on your way!

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Marthe July 2, 2012 at 12:31 am

Thank you for having me, Merja! :)

Merja July 2, 2012 at 3:20 pm

My pleasure Marthe! Thank you for participating!

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