Stop Comparison and Be Happy With Who You Are!

by Merja Willock on May 29, 2012

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One of the worst enemies that we have in our lives is comparison, and the thought of how everything will be perfect when we have achieved certain things. That is a never ending road that leads us to not be satisfied what we already have, envy other people and feel anxious, stressed and unworthy.

This is also something that I still constantly struggle with, and it’s easy to forget that there’s only one you and you are unique and worthy. Debbie Ford had a great comparison in one of her lectures. We are all pieces of a puzzle. There’s no two alike and every piece is needed to form the bigger picture.

Even though some pieces look the same you can’t get the puzzle ready if one is missing.

Stop Comparison and Be Happy With Who You Are!

Over the last couple of weeks I have come up with great links related to these topics and thought I would share them with you today.

Enjoy and remember that you are wonderful just the way you are right now.


Marc from Marc and Angel Hack Life gives us 14 Rules for Being You

Don’t ever give up if someone else is already doing something that you want to do. Before You Stop Yourself, Remember This by Jess Grippo

Kerri Baruch reminds us on MindBodyGreen how our Inner Critic limits our dreams and shares 4 Magical Tips to Feeling Worthy and Fabulous

Are You Robbing Yourself of a Joyful Life? Terri Cole writes how we should embrace and accept our all aspects and live our truth.

Jenny Sansouci from Healthy Crush reflects and advices us Becoming The Best Version of You

The Heart Is Letting Go of Comparisons – Enough Already! by Agapi Stassinopoulous on The Daily Love. Gain self-awareness and take your power back!

Choose Joy over Comparison by Courtney Carver from Be More with Less

Justb gives great tips what we can do When We Think Other People Are Better than Us on Tiny Buddha

Can You Be Happy for no Reason? Jessica Ainscough from The Wellness Warrior advices us to be grateful, trust the universe and meditate when we practice to be content with the present moment

Leo Babauta’s Little Guide to Contentedness from Zen Habits

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