I love scents that are present in nature and how they change during the seasons. Fresh, uplifting, calming, rooting, intense, crisp… When I stopped using synthetic perfumes a couple of years ago  I didn’t really look for alternatives rather than rose water and essential oils but the truth is that I have missed that small […]

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Today, I thought I would give a peek at my beauty routine, and share some wonderful face- and body care products that I currently use. I have always suffered from troublesome skin, and later on horrible eczema patches, and used to slather my skin with numerous different chemicals as soon as I started to suffer […]

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This is a great infographic about toxic chemicals in everyday cosmetics and beauty products. Please share with others! Created by:

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Why Choose Natural Perfumes?

by Merja Willock on March 14, 2012

in Radiant and Pure Beauty


Along with music, scents have the power to bring back vivid glimpses of past events, people and special periods in my life. Calvin Klein’s Ck One is one of those perfumes that triggers memories and feelings from the time when I was studying and everyone was wearing it. Kenzo’s ethereal and flowery scents used to […]

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How Healthy is Your Beauty?

by Merja Willock on January 13, 2012

in Radiant and Pure Beauty

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Like so many women of all ages I was brainwashed with all those empty promises, the hype and advertising, the only purpose of which is to get you to buy more and more cosmetics. There is a product for every imaginable and unimaginable problem and body part. Do we seriously need all those products? I […]

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