I’m so glad that I connected with Susie through a mutual friend, as it turned out that we share the love for art, music and similar values being proponents for healthy, eco-friendly living and healing through lifestyle choices. As it can often be really time consuming and also frustrating when trying to make and find […]

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Many of us live without a regular connection to nature, surrounded by a perpetual availability of all kinds of foods, which are not in harmony with nature’s seasons. Aside from eating organic, one easy way to bring yourself more in touch with a natural rhythm and your body is, whenever possible, eat more seasonal and […]

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Every time I visit Toronto I can’t wait to visit Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont St., Toronto, and have my favorite Big Bowl salad with sunflower sesame hummus and house dressing. Live Food Bar is Toronto’s first Gourmet Raw and Vegan restaurant, founded in 2002 offering a delicious variety of gluten and sugar free […]

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I always love putting up these moments in pictures posts. Images always tell so much more and like I mentioned earlier, if my words are not flowing freely I always get inspired and step more easily into a creative flow when I start to edit pictures. I have a couple of posts coming up about […]

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restaurants to go - vantra

EDIT: Vantra is no longer in operation. Instead visit Vitao, 74 Wardour Street W1F 0TE. Vantra 11-13 Soho Street, W1D 3DJ, is one of my go to places in London when I want to eat simple, organic food in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, with my notebook or audio lectures along. Their long wooden […]

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after the rain

m4s0n501 Of these two years that I have lived in London, this past April has been the rainiest in 100 years. It rained pretty much every day, which made me not want to leave the house. Spending time on comfortable clothes, doing yoga at home (if at all..) instead of going to the studio, and […]

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