I have been following Tara’s journey since the earlier days of Such Different Skies and it has been beautifully inspirational to witness how her  path through raw honesty and breaking free from fears has lead her to become a vibrant advocate of self-love and healing energy. Having a somewhat similar background as Tara when it […]

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m4s0n501 I’m so glad that I connected with Susie through a mutual friend, as it turned out that we share the love for art, music and similar values being proponents for healthy, eco-friendly living and healing through lifestyle choices. As it can often be really time consuming and also frustrating when trying to make and […]

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When I first came across Paul Jarvis’ work it felt like a fresh breeze in the midsts of cluttered websites, pop-up newsletter sign up boxes and overly lengthy sales pages. When it comes to web design his simple, stylish and functional style without distractions speaks to me! What I love about Paul’s articles is how […]

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There seems to be a theme here going on with multi-talented and -passionate individuals and my friend Rebecca Hunter, whose captivating words drew in my focus last year when we were introduced to each other, is making no exception. We both agree that listening to great hip hop music gets work done better and that […]

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A couple of months ago I stumbled across Mari’s beautiful website Saimaa Life through Twitter and started to miss Finland and fresh air after seeing only a couple of her gorgeous nature pictures! Pretty soon I realized that we shared many other things as well: thoughts about holistic well being, creativity, photography and inspiration, which […]

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When I first found myself walking through Hannah Marcotti’s cozy space on the interwebs last year, browsing everything without having the feeling of being bombarded with over lengthy sales pages or information overload I felt so peaceful, inspired and understood. I found out that Hannah is also a highly sensitive spirit and I love how […]

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I’m delighted to present Stephanie Watanabe in today’s Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays. Stephanie is a multi-talented entrepreneur and in addition to working with artists and business owners she produces music videos, films & documentaries.  On her site The Girl Who Knows she beautifully combines style, art, health and lifestyle with great personality and as […]

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Welcome to the first of the 2013 series of Soul Searching and Self-Love Sundays which will kick off with Heather Shafer. She is a dream and an inspiration/authentic living coach, and beautiful face behind To Live Inspired. When we connected, I immediately sensed that we have many things in common, then I excitedly browsed through […]

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Sabrina Bolin is a truly beautiful and bubbly soul from MyMiBoSo Holistic Life Coaching. Her intuitiveness and warmness always leaves me with a feeling that I have been heard and really understood, full of new energy and creativity, eager to get back to work with new ideas every time after I have talked to her. […]

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In my life, music and rhythm have always been healing forces, and one of those most important ways to listen to my soul. I was so excited and inspired when I found Michelle Currie. She is based in Toronto, and combines wellness and rhythm in her company Meditative Arts by blending African drumming and mindfulness. […]

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